Uber Driver Accused of Sexual Assault Posts $55k Bail

Jamaal Andrew Lee, turned himself in this week after being accused of sexually assaulting a female passenger.  The incident occurred near the UC Riverside campus after the victim arranged for an Uber trip from a location off-campus to the UCR Plaza Apartments.  Lee is facing a number of charges including felony false imprisonment, oral copulation by force or violence and assault with the intent to rape.  Lee has been banned from Uber because of the alleged incident.  On May 24, Lee turned himself in to the Riverside County Superior Court and posted $55,000 bail.  He was released with a promise to appear at his arraignment on June 16.  At that time, he is expected to enter a plea to the charges.

If Lee fails to appear at court the bail money would be forfeited and he would be considered a fugitive.  A judge will order a warrant for a failure to appear.  If he posted bail through a bail bondsman the bail company would then help to bring Mr. Lee to justice.  A bail company helps to ensure that defendants who have posted bail appear at all future court appearances without there being a financial burden on the taxpayers.  Bondsmen will often work with families to make sure that their loved one follows all court orders and appears at every court date to avoid bail forfeiture.

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