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Most Common Crimes Committed in the U.S.

Recent Data on Crime Trends Across the Country


According to, there were over 3.9 million crimes reported in 2020. Their research indicates that violent crime has increased by 12% in cities throughout the U.S. but property crime has fallen significantly since 2010. The data shows that property crime was down 33%. Robberies have also decreased (23%), but violent crimes like “murder, rape, and aggravated assault” rose by at least 25%.

Motor vehicle theft saw one of the largest increases since 2010, rising by 48%. It was an outlier, considering property crime, in general, fell substantially. In 2020, Detroit had the most murders and rapes compared to other large cities. Detroit, Memphis, and Milwaukee had the highest number of murders. While, Detroit, Denver, and Columbus led the nation in the number of rapes.

Violent crime rates (per 100,000) in 2020:

  • Violent crime: 309 
  • Murder/manslaughter: 5
  • Rape: 36
  • Robbery: 51
  • Aggravated assault: 216

All violent crime rates rose from 2010 to 2020 with the exception of robberies. The opposite was true for property crimes which fell with the exception of vehicle thefts.

Property crime rates (per 100,000) in 2020:

  • Property crime: 1,972
  • Burglary: 281
  • Larceny-theft: 1,412
  • Motor vehicle theft: 205

Seattle, Alberquerque, and Memphis had the highest number of burglaries. While Denver, Portland, and Alberquerque led the nation in motor vehicle thefts. 

You can read the full report here: 2022 Crime Rates in U.S. Cities Report