Las Vegas Man Held on $350k bail after Killing a man with One-Punch

According to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, James Michael Beach, 27, of Las Vegas killed a California man outside of a Las Vegas Bar with one punch.  Luis Campos, a father of five, was visiting from La Puente, California when surveillance captures Beach walking up to him, saying something and then throwing a punch.  Campos was in Las Vegas for a Bachelor party.  He died in the hospital after 4 days.  Authorities believe the act was unprovoked.  Mr. Campos fell to the sidewalk and never regained consciousness after the punch.  This is not Las Vegas man’s first encounter with the law.  He served 4 years in state prison for shooting two people.  Despite his attorney’s efforts to portray this as a heated exchange, prosecutors believe that they will be able to prove that the attack was unprovoked.  Beach is currently being held on $350,000 bail and expected to be in court on May 24.

A judge sets bail after careful consideration of the facts of the case, the defendant’s criminal record and the potential flight risk.  The amount of the bail generally corresponds with the egregiousness of the facts surrounding the charges.  In this case, Beach had a significant violent criminal past and is charged with a heinous act.  In some jurisdictions, bail is set according to a bail schedule that is set by the judges each year.  The defendant is then entitled to a bail review hearing where a judge will listen to arguments from both the defendant and the prosecutor.  In some cases, the judge will raise the amount of bail after taking into consideration additional circumstances.  They may also lower the bail or eliminate the bail altogether.

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