Stockton DUI Fatality results in $2 Million Bail

Anthony Calderon’s bail was increased from $1 Million to $2 Million in the fatal drunk driving crash that killed Lincoln High School student Cameron Allison.  Calderon appeared at the San Joaquin County court for an arraignment on the DUI charges.  The victim’s family watched as he sat with his head in his hands.  Allison was the passenger in a car that was hit by Calderon who, according to Stockton Police, was under the influence of alcohol.  Two others were also injured in the crash that occurred near the Weberstown Mall.  Court records indicate that Calderon has a previous conviction for speeding over 100 mph just a month ago.

Every defendant is entitled to a bail review hearing.  After the initial bail is set, a defendant may make a motion to reduce or even eliminate the bail.  A judge reviews the matter including the defendant’s criminal history, the facts of the case and any circumstances that might affect the defendant’s appearance in court.  A prosecutor has the right to bail review in a case, as well.  In this case, the deputy district attorney successfully argued for the bail to be increased due to the egregious nature of the case.

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