Garden Grove ID Theft Suspect Out on $1 Million Bail

James Michael Mendez, 38, has been charged with multiple felonies including identity theft.  Mendez, of Garden Grove, has been to prison five times for a number of crimes including assault, theft drug crimes and gang involvement.  The Orange Police Department has located over 21 potential identity theft victims in the latest crime.  During his arrest, detectives found identifying information for over 50 people.  Police also believe that he was involved in altering checks.  The prosecution was successful in getting the bail increased to $1 Million and asked the judge to require that the money used to post bail was not feloniously obtained.  Judges have the right to require that any money being used to post bail is not obtained through felonious means.  In many criminal operations, judges may freeze the assets of defendants that they believe are obtained in a criminal manner.

This is not the only case that Mendez is facing.  He has three prior cases including robbery, auto theft, resisting arrest and destroying or concealing evidence.  The Orange County Sheriff’s Department believes that Mendez’s crimes span across a number of jurisdictions and have been working in collaboration with law enforcement agencies in Orange, Cypress, Tustin and Anaheim.  In one pending case alone he could face up to 18 years in prison.

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