Posting Bail after a Federal Indictment

With recent news of Trump campaign aides facing a federal indictment, there have been many questions about what happens next.  Many people wonder if those charged: Paul Manafort and Rick Gates, will spend their time awaiting trial in jail or if they will be allowed to wait out the charges free from imprisonment.  A federal indictment handed down by a grand jury is a serious charge that can have grave consequences.  The headlines are filled with the unsealed indictment alleging that Manafort and Gates were involved in money laundering, making false statements and other charges before and during their time as Trump campaign aides.  Robert Mueller is the special prosecutor assigned to root out any ties between the Trump campaign and Russia and any other wrongdoing.  The announcement of the indictment was followed quickly by the release of a guilty plea between a former Trump adviser for lying to the FBI.

So, what does this all mean?  Manafort and Gates have both entered a plea of Not Guilty.  Prosecutors argued for bail to be set at $10 million for Paul Manafort and $5 Million for Rick Gates.  During their arraignment in a federal court, prosecutors argued that both men were considered flight risks.  Manafort and Gates were required to surrender their passports and ordered on house arrest to prevent them from leaving the country.  Both men are currently out on bail and awaiting their day in court after posting bail.

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