Parents, Adult Children and Jail Time

It’s a tough choice to make.  Your adult child is in jail for the third time on drug charges and what do you do?  Do you bail him out once again?  Do you run the same bond liability risks as you have in the past?  Could you sleep at night knowing your child is in jail?  As a bail bonding company, when we answer the phone we hear trying personal dilemmas like this all of the time. It is a difficult place for any parent to be in but we  are able to offer a solution to make the decision a little easier.  We suggest a monitoring device from a company called Diversified Monitoring Service or DMS.   If any illegal substance is detected DMS will alert us of this and also give us a precise location of the device.  We  can offer our assurance  that once we receive this information we can return their child to the proper authorities. With this type of guaranty parents are able to make the decision to post bail with peace of mind.

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