California Uniform Bail and Penalty Schedules for 2019

Each year the Judicial Council of California establishes a uniform bail schedule for the State.  The bail schedule standardizes how bail is set.  Setting bail help to ensure the defendant’s presence at future court appearances.  A judge has the discretion to modify bail for any given defendant.  At a bail hearing you may request that the judge reduce or eliminate you bail requirements.  The prosecution may also argue for an increase in the initial bail amount or to hold you without bail based on the offense and surrounding circumstances.

The 2019 Uniform Bail and Penalty Schedules are separated by violation beginning with traffic infractions.  The bail schedule also includes a schedule for misdemeanors based on vehicle code violations, harbors and navigation code violations, Fish and Game violations, public utilities code violations, Parks and Recreation violations, Business and Professions Code violations and more.

Currently, the attempt to abolish bail in California was placed on hold by a veto referendum.  The voters will decide on the 2020 ballot if California should move forward with bail reform or if the law was inadequate.  Many wonder if the risk assessment tools that were slotted to replace the bail system will result in more people being incarcerated or if more criminals will be released without monitoring.

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