Temecula Teen being held on $500k Bail in Shooting Incident

As reported by the Temecula Patch, 19-year-old Dalex Mendoza is being held at the Indio Jail on $500,000 bail after allegedly shooting at people inside a Temecula residence.  According to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, the shooting occurred on April 11 when the teen attempted to break into the home on Wenham Way.  The teen allegedly shot at the occupants inside the two-story home.  Luckily, no one was injured during the incident.  Court reports indicate that the teen attempted to flee the scene of the crime but was apprehended allegedly attempting to cross the Mexican border.  Law enforcement had previously sent information to other agencies regarding his description and name.  Mendoza remains in custody with a bail review hearing scheduled for August 13 out of the Southwest Justice Center.

In this matter, Mendoza, through the assistance of a public defender requested that the judge review the bail amount.  Mendoza will be asking the judge to reduce the bail based on a number of factors which could include financial hardship, that he doesn’t present a danger to the community, the circumstances of his prior criminal history and ties to the community such as those involving his family and job.  Bail review hearings are routine matters handled by judges in the county.  They give each party a chance to present reasons why bail should be raised, lowered or eliminated completely.

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