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Mar 2020

New York Bail Reform Meets Criticism from Both Sides

The Bail Reform Debate rages on across the country. New York’s passage of a statewide act has met scrutiny from both sides of the political divide. As reported by The Washington Post, the new law took effect January 1 and almost immediately met backlash. While unlike California’s law which if successful on the November 2020 ballot would eliminate cash bail altogether, New York’s law allows...

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May 2012

The controversy over Bail Reform and California’s Overcrowded Jail

Bail has been a part of justice systems throughout the world since Medieval Times. And, after all these years, it can be said that the bail system has been successful in assisting offenders who are granted bail for their release while they await their trials. In fact, these offenders are more likely to appear at all their court dates because they ultimately have involved their...

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Apr 2012

California Prisons Facing More Realignment Chaos

Since the launching of AB 109 Realignment on October 1, 2011, there have been many debates regarding the review of the program’s success…or not. It appears that the California State Prisons have shifted their overcrowding problem to the county jail levels, which are totally unprepared for the massive influx of inmates and in a quandary as to how to handle this problem sufficiently. Funding for...

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