Posting Bail for a Loved One During the Holidays

posting bail during the holidaysThe holiday season brings family visits, friends, good times and celebrations, it normally does not bring a phone call from jail from one of your loved ones. But, arrests typically go up during this time of the year especially from DUI’s and accidents while driving under the influence. If you do get that phone call, know that you are not alone in this heart wrenching situation and many people go through this during the holidays. Although it can be pretty shocking, the first thing to do is remain as calm as you can. Once you have decided not to let your loved one spend any more time in jail than is possible, obtaining a bond is the quickest way to arrange their release. When you find a local bail bond company, you will need to tell them what the charges are and where your loved one is being detained. At Premiere Bail Bonds, we are a professional bail bond company, a member of  CBAA  and have been posting bonds for over 21 years. All of our agents have many years of experience and are familiar with the financial requirements and paperwork that you will need in order to obtain a bond. To make the process as easy for you as possible we also offer paperless cosigning and payment options. After all of the financial requirements are completed and the bondsmen paid, the bond can then be posted. At this time, and depending on the requirements of the jail, your loved one can be released. Although bailing a loved one out of jail during the holidays is not a situation that anyone looks forward to, let’s face it, it happens a lot and having a professional in your corner will make a difficult holiday situation a little easier to handle.

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