Orange County Judge Says No Bail for Blaze Bernstein Killer

An Orange County Superior Court Judge has ordered the man accused of killing 19-year-old Blaze Bernstein to remain in custody as he awaits his arraignment on February 2.  Sam Woodward is accused of murdering his former high school classmate in a possible “act of rage.”  The University of Pennsylvania pre-med student was about to start his second semester when he was reported missing after January 2.  According to authorities, Woodward picked Bernstein up and told investigators that he had dropped him off at a Lake Forest park.  Bernstein’s body was found at the park several days later.  He had been stabbed over 20 times.  Inconsistencies in Woodward’s interview with investigators led to him being considered a suspect.  He showed up with cuts and scratches and dirt under his fingernails.

The Lake Forest community is devastated by the loss of Blaze Bernstein.  A large group of supporters petitioned to have the judge order Woodward jailed without bail.  Woodward is currently at an Orange County Jail where he will remain jailed until his February 2 arraignment.  He is charged with murder and faces 26 years to life in prison if convicted.

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