Opponents to SB10 Successful in Gathering Signatures

The effort to overturn SB10, California’s Bail Reform Law, cleared one hurdle this week by submitting more than the required number of signatures for a referendum.  A veto referendum would take the measure to the voters on the 2020 ballot.  Voters would then decide the fate of California’s bail system.  Now that the signatures have been submitted, election officials must verify them.  If enough signatures satisfy the requirements and are validated, then SB10 would be halted from implementation until the measure can be decided by voters.

Originally, SB10 was scheduled to go into effect October 2019.  With last minute changes to the bill, many were left confused and overwhelmed at the task at hiring enough staff to accommodate the new requirements and efficiently train all affected departments.  The far-reaching effects of SB10 left many wondering whether it was the right move to improve the criminal justice system.  Many worry that the effects of the bill that was passed with last minute amendments would have the opposite effect intended by incarcerating more people pretrial.

It will take election officials a few weeks to certify the signatures, but some anticipate Californians could know before the end of the year whether the bid for a veto referendum was successful.  It is unclear what the ultimate fate of SB10 will be.  For now, all parties wait to see if enough signatures are valid to stop automatic implementation in just under a year.

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