Efforts Continue to Take SB10 to Voters in November

Opponents of SB10 recently signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown are gathering signatures to get a referendum. The referendum would block the new law set to go into effect October 2019 and take it to the November ballot.  Voters would determine the fate of the bill that was signed on August 29, 2018 despite concerns over recent changes.  Many question whether the new pretrial services program will be properly funded to provide adequate monitoring of defendants released without bail.  Traditionally, when a person is released on bail, a bail bondsman helps to ensure their attendance at future court dates.  Without bail, the burden would be placed on an already exhausted criminal justice system and law enforcement to monitor and bring defendants to justice.  Inadequate funding could result in unsafe streets as more defendants are released and fail to appear at future court dates.

Concerns over the replacement for the bail system have also been raised.  As we have previously discussed, many question whether the risk assessment tools used to determine pretrial release would help to eliminate the racial bias that exists in the criminal justice system or if they would make it worse by using ill-conceived data.

It is agreed by all parties that there are injustices that exist.  Injustices that are deep-rooted in the state and the country.  What people wonder is why replace a system with one that will not fix those problems but instead could make them worse?  If successful, the referendum would allow voters to decide whether to repeal the law.

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