Effort to End Cash Bail Rejected by California Voters

Prop 25 Fails on November Ballot, Repealing SB10


California voters were asked whether they would support a law that ended cash bail in favor of a pretrial risk assessment program and they responded. Proposition 25 was defeated in the November election. 

According to ABC 7, only 45% of the votes were in favor of keeping SB10. The majority of voters decided to repeal the law which was passed and signed into law two years ago. Over 11 million ballots were voted by the time the proposition could be declared defeated. The rejection of Proposition 25 ensures that a hotly contested risk assessment algorithm will not replace the discretion of judges.

Opposition to the bill gathered enough signatures for a referendum. Enforcement of the bill was placed on hold until after ballots were counted. In addition to the presidential election, California voters decided on a number of propositions.

Other propositions were decided as follows according to a summary by Capradio:

  • Proposition 14 on stem cell research was approved.
  • Proposition 15 on commercial property tax was defeated.
  • Proposition 16 which would end the ban on affirmative action was defeated.
  • Proposition 17 allowing previously incarcerated felons to vote was approved.
  • Proposition 18 giving 17-year-olds the ability to vote in primaries if they would be 18 by the general election was defeated.
  • Proposition 19 regarding property tax was approved.
  • Proposition 20 changing sentencing laws was defeated.
  • Proposition 21 on local rent control was defeated.
  • Proposition 22 regarding app-based drivers was approved.
  • Proposition 23 which would regulate dialysis clinics was defeated.
  • Proposition 24 dealing with consumer privacy was approved.
  • Proposition 25 which would have ended the current bail system was defeated.

Advocates and opponents of the propositions on this year’s ballot spent huge amounts of money. Millions were spent on mailers and commercials. Luckily, mailboxes will be a little less full for the time being.