You Can Be Charged with a DUI When Your BAC is .06

Did you know that if you are in an accident, have been drinking and are under the legal limit of .08 you may still be charged with a DUI? We had a client recently that was not a regular drinker. One night he went to a party. It was a very special one-time occasion so he agreed to join in on the celebration and had a few beers. On his way home that night he was involved in an accident and both drivers sustained injuries. His BAC turned out to be .06 which is under the legal limit of .08. Most people think that because he was below the legal limit he would have been ok, yet he was charged with a DUI, gross bodily injury and was arrested. He called our bail bond office in San Jose  and we were able to help him out. It’s ironic that the one time he decided to celebrate, even just a little bit, he ended up needing a bail bond company. At least our many years of experience in the this business makes his tough night go a little smoother.

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