Bail Set at $90k for Hot Dog Stand Attacker

Bail was set at $90,000 for a man accused of punching two women at a hot dog stand in California.  The vicious attack occurred on January 26 in Los Angeles.  The video of the altercation went viral showing a man violently punching two women.  The altercation apparently began with a dispute over the price of a hotdog.  The Los Angeles Police Department distributed the video of the attack to help bring the attacker (who had fled the scene) to justice.  Arka Sangbarani Oroojian turned himself into police a few days after the incident made national news.  The 30-year-old, from Sylmar, was charged with assault with a deadly weapon as originally reported by Fox 11.

Oroojian has been released from custody after posting the $90k bail.  He is scheduled to appear in a Los Angeles County Superior Court on February 22.  The victims involved in the violent attack were two women.  Both suffered concussions as a result of the incident according to the Los Angeles Police Department.  Oroojian will have to answer to the charges put forth in the complaint.

Bail is customarily set according to a set bail schedule but can be increased or decreased based on the circumstances of the case.  Defendants are entitled to a bail review hearing where both parties may make arguments regarding the set bail amount.  A judge then has discretion on setting the final amount before a defendant is able to post bail and be released or remain in custody.

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