Accused killer of bail bondsmen brothers in Bakersfield appears in court

Zachary and Brandon Sims, bail bondsmen brothers, who worked for their father, the owner of Bad Dog Bail Bonds in Bakersfield, were found dead after attempting to apprehend a young man, Zachary Perrick, at his home, who had skipped bail on drug charges.

Apparently, in their attempt to take Perrick back to jail, they were murdered by Stephen Stewart, who was a friend of Perrick’s and in the house at that time. The Sims brothers were said to be wearing bullet-proof vests, but were only armed with Mace and Tasers.

Stewart was in the house where the murders occurred and surrounded by SWAT team for two hours before he surrendered to police. Mario Melendez, who was in the house and said to be planning to help get Stewart out ofBakersfield, was arrested on a federal warrant and held on $475,000 bail.

Stewart appeared in court on Tuesday, May 1st, and was charged with four felonies, including two counts of murder. He did not enter a plea and is being held without bail and scheduled to return to court in a week.

As a Bail Bondsman, this is a very sad situation. Not to be adequately armed when attempting to apprehend a fugitive is not a good plan. You never know what will happen, as this case proves. Fugitives are usually desperate and will do whatever they think they can to NOT be caught.  

It is a proven fact that fugitives, at some point, will be found if they skipped bail, primarily because the bail bond company will stand to lose, and have to pay, the full value of the bond if they are not able to surrender the fugitive back to the court. Bail Bonds companies, being a privately-owned business; take a risk when they provide a bond for an arrestee to get them released from custody, so they have a vested interest in the individual until their case is settled.

What are your thoughts on this sad scenario?