SCRAM Remote Breath

Remote Breath Alcohol Testing in California

Premiere Bail Bonds is proud to offer SCRAM Remote Breath to bail bond clients across California. SCRAM Remote Breath is a portable, handheld breathalyzer that can help to reduce your bail or secure your release. If you were taken into custody and need to post bail, contact Premiere Bail Bonds at (800) 662-0056 to discuss your options. Premiere Bail Bonds is California’s #1 Bail Agency with a network of over 200 bail agents located throughout the state. Call our 24-hour bail bonds hotline to speak directly with an experienced agent.

How SCRAM Remote Breath Works

SCRAM Remote Breath offers several breath alcohol testing options making it the most flexible device on the market. SCRAM Remote Breath can be set for:
  • Scheduled alcohol testing
  • Random breath alcohol sampling
  • On-demand remote breath sampling
  • Client-initiated remote breath testing
The SCRAM remote breath device is equipped with government security-grade facial recognition. This alleviates the need for tedious, manual photo review and confirmation by staff. Client identity is verified in real-time. State-of-the-art technology confirms client identity automatically. In the few circumstances where a photo match is required, SCRAM remote breath’s high-resolution camera takes clear, well-defined photos, ensuring easy confirmation. After the identity is confirmed with Automated Facial Intelligence™ (AFI™), clients are then prompted to blow into the wireless breath alcohol monitor. The device tests for any measurable amount of alcohol in their system. The one-piece handheld cellular device is ideal for low-risk offenders.

Additional Benefits of SCRAM Remote Breath

SCRAM Remote Breath provides a number of monitoring options for low-risk offenders, including flexible testing, and provides GPS location results for every completed and missed test. Additional benefits of SCRAM Remote Breath include: Built-in client text reminders Multiple testing options Real-time notifications Rapid notification of incidents of non-compliance Storage capacity of up to 40,000 test results Fuel Cell Technology The rugged design of the device helps to ensure that it can be used throughout the monitoring period. The handheld monitoring system is easy to carry and easy to use. The SCRAM Remote Breath portable device automatically turns on and prompts clients when it is time to test. Client reminders can be sent via text or the SCRAM TouchPoint™ mobile app.

How SCRAM Remote Breath Testing Can Help Reduce Bail

Depending on the circumstances, a judge may be willing to reduce bail if a client agrees to SCRAM Remote Breath testing as a condition of release. Remote breath testing is an effective jail alternative for low-risk offenders who have committed an alcohol-related offense. Whether you are charged with a first-time driving under the influence (DUI) offense or another non-violent crime where alcohol was a contributing factor, SCRAM remote breath may help. SCRAM remote breath can help alleviate jail overcrowding and ensure that a client is complying with court-ordered sobriety. Flexible testing schedules allow monitoring agencies to customize the breath device based on the needs of the offender.

Why SCRAM Remote Breath is Successful for Low-Risk Clients

Remote breath alcohol monitoring can help ensure that clients are held accountable to their sobriety and may reduce the chances that a client will skip bail or fail to appear at future court hearings. The SCRAM remote breath offers two-way messaging for direct client communication. To date, over 30 million breath tests have been performed using SCRAM Remote Breath technology, and over 75,000 breath clients have been monitored. The industry-leading intelligent bio-confirmation system reduces the amount of time that a monitoring agency needs to spend verifying a client’s identity. Without this facial authentication software, staff would have to review all client photos to manually confirm an identity. The facial recognition software decreases client identification time by up to 95 percent.

GPS Location Results and On-Board Test Schedules

The SCRAM Remote Breath device has the ability to store tens of thousands of test results. It compiles data on both completed tests and missed tests. For every test, even for missed ones, the device provides a GPS location so that monitoring agencies can see where the client was at the time was or was not taken. SCRAM Remote Breath also has onboard test schedules that can be modified based on the needs of the offender. The device stores test schedules directly in the unit and prompt clients via text or via the SCRAM TouchPoint™ mobile app when it is time to test. Options for test scheduling include fixed, random, and on-demand testing. Even when the device is out of cell coverage, the device stores test results ensuring that monitoring agents have accurate, detailed results regarding the client’s alcohol use, the mobile device automatically forwards tests once within cell range.

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If you have been arrested for an alcohol-related offense and need to post bail, agreeing to SCRAM remote breath may help to reduce your overall bail or secure your pretrial release. Premiere Bail Bonds is proud to offer the full suite of SCRAM technology to bail bond clients throughout the state. For more information about SCRAM remote breath or call (800) 662-0056 for immediate bail bond assistance.

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