SCRAM CAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring

24/7 Transdermal Alcohol Testing

Premiere Bail Bonds is now offering SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring (SCRAM CAM) to all bail bond clients throughout California. SCRAM CAM monitoring can help reduce bail as part of pretrial release conditions for alcohol-related offenses, including driving under the influence and domestic violence. Call Premiere Bail Bonds 24-hour bail hotline at (800) 662-0056 to discuss your options. We have over 200 professionally licensed and bonded bail agents throughout California to assist you and your family. Contact our office today to speak directly with an experienced bail bond representative.


The SCRAM CAM is an ankle bracelet that automatically monitors for alcohol consumption every 30 minutes. The device is worn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during the monitoring period, and tests for alcohol consumption through perspiration naturally excreted on the ankle. When a person consumes alcohol, the alcohol is initially absorbed into the bloodstream and then metabolized in the liver. The body eliminates alcohol be releasing it through a person’s breath, urine, or sweat. A SCRAM CAM device measures a person’s transdermal alcohol concentration (TAC) or the concentration of alcohol that is present in a person’s sweat. SCRAM CAM technology is court-validated and court-approved.

Why SCRAM CAM Is an Effective Alcohol Monitoring Solution

Unlike remote breath tests, continuous alcohol monitoring eliminates gaps in testing. Wearers are forced to comply with sobriety orders during the monitoring period. Since the device tests for alcohol consumption automatically every thirty minutes, wearers cannot cheat the system. Any attempts to tamper with the device or circumvent testing are immediately reported as non-compliance. Continuous alcohol monitoring holds participants accountable for their sobriety. Data compiled by the device show exactly when a person started drinking and when they stopped based on the alcohol that has been excreted through the skin. The device can even determine between ingested alcohol (alcohol that is consumed by the wearer) and “environmental alcohol.” The SCRAM CAM device ensures that wearers are not simply sober at a given point in time as with a breathalyzer, but that they are remaining compliant throughout their monitoring period. Continuous Alcohol Monitoring for High-Risk Offenders Whether you have been arrested for a first time drunk driving offense, or you are a repeat offender, a SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring device may be an effective alternative to pretrial jail time. In many cases, judges may not consider pretrial release for high-risk offenders with multiple drunk driving offenses. A SCRAM CAM device can be a good incentive to reduce bail and secure a release in cases where a judge might not have otherwise agreed to the conditions. A SCRAM CAM device ensures the judge that you are not drinking and are complying with court orders. Devices are equipped with optional House Arrest (location) monitoring adding an additional level of security for high-risk offenders.

Benefits to SCRAM CAM Monitoring

Benefits to SCRAM CAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring include: No missed tests Reduction in jail overcrowding Ensures wearer accountable Water-resistant Anti-tamper technology Single-source admissibility in court The SCRAM CAM device has proven effective and is used in over 1600 jurisdictions throughout the country and worldwide. Continuous alcohol monitoring supports long-term behavior change by requiring compliance. Wearers are not able to drink in between tests and are held accountable for their sobriety.

SCRAM CAM Monitoring Success

To date, there have been over 700,000 clients monitored with a SCRAM CAM device with extraordinarily high compliance rates. The vast majority of clients remain sober throughout the monitoring period. Studies show that continuous alcohol monitoring with swift action for non-compliance is the most effective way to reduce drunk driving recidivism. Because the device has single-source admissibility, there is no backup testing required. Courts have routinely upheld the validity of SCRAM CAM test results. 24-hour monitoring ensures that no drinking events are missed, and the wearer is maintaining their sobriety throughout the testing period. Alcohol metabolizes through the system quickly, so a person who is not undergoing continuous alcohol monitoring could take a breath test and then drink without it being detected on a subsequent breath test the following day. SCRAM continuous alcohol monitoring proves a person’s sobriety since they cannot skip tests or try to circumvent testing. Testing is done continuously and automatically with a distinction between ingested alcohol and environmental alcohol sources.

SCRAM CAM Monitoring as an Alternative to Jail Time

Continuous alcohol monitoring through a SCRAM CAM device is an effective, alternative solution to jail time. Particularly for high-risk offenders, submitting to continuous alcohol monitoring can help secure your pretrial release or lower your overall bail amount. Judges are often more inclined to release a high-risk offender or lower their bail when they have a way to ensure that they are not drinking. Wearing a SCRAM CAM ankle monitor assures the judge that you are not drinking and that you will show up for future court dates. People being monitored through a SCRAM CAM device are less likely to skip bail, particularly when adding the location monitoring or house arrest feature that lets a monitoring agency know your whereabouts. SCRAM CAM monitoring relieves the burden on law enforcement by reducing staffing requirements for conducting in-person breath or urine tests. After a brief installation, the SCRAM CAM device automatically tests for alcohol consumption. The device communicates with a base station installed at the wearer’s home. Today, SCRAM has more options than ever for connectivity. SCRAM technology can be connected through an Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Cellular, or landline.

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