GPS Monitoring Devices

Now Offering GPS Monitoring Services Throughout California

Premiere Bail Bonds is now offering GPS monitoring services to clients throughout California. The use of a GPS monitoring device can help reduce bail costs for many offenders including those charged with serious crimes or facing high bail bonds.

If you or a loved one has been arrested in California and need to post bail, call Premiere Bail Bonds at (800) 662-0056 or fill out our online contact form to speak directly with a licensed agent. We are available 24 hours a day and offer flexible payment options. Our professional, licensed bail bond agents can discuss your options including how a GPS monitoring device can help reduce your overall bail costs and secure your release.

GPS Ankle Monitoring Bracelets

A GPS monitoring device is worn around the ankle and offers secure location monitoring. Features of GPS monitoring include:

  • Slim design
  • Long-lasting battery
  • 24/7 location monitoring
  • State-of-the-art tamper technology
  • Shock resistant and waterproof
  • tool-free installation

GPS ankle monitors are user-friendly and have been revolutionized to prevent false alerts. The one-piece strap prevents disruptions and helps to ensure accuracy. The industry-leading location technology provides real-time information through GPS and A-GPS monitoring.

Whether court ordered or voluntary, Premiere Bail Bonds can help you with getting a court-approved GPS monitor for a reasonable rate. It is important to consult with a knowledgeable bail bond agent immediately after arrest to determine your options and the best strategy for securing your release from jail.

Bail Reduction with GPS Monitoring

Depending on the circumstances, opting to wear a GPS monitoring device may reduce your overall bail. GPS ankle monitors can provide by the court and the community with peace of mind for your release. The secure location monitoring systems let judges know that you are complying with court orders and do not pose a flight risk.

For high-risk offenders, GPS location monitoring may be instrumental in securing their pre-trial release from jail since it provides additional security for the court. GPS monitoring ensures that an offenders movements are tracked accurately and efficiently.

Judges may be more willing to reduce large bail amounts if a defendant agrees to GPS monitoring as a condition of release. The monitoring would thus become a part of the bail agreement and may be built in to the overall cost.

Certain cases may require a large bail amount, Premiere Bail Bonds has flexible payment options for offenders that cannot afford the total upfront. We will work with you and your loved ones to help you through this difficult time. Our agents have the highest level of training and can come to you at no additional fee. Regardless of your situation or the charge, call our 24-hour bail bond hotline at (800) 662-0056 to speak with an experienced agent in your area.

GPS Monitoring and Lower Bail Rates

Premiere Bail Bonds is proud to offer the lower bail rates in California. Offenders who retain a private attorney are eligible for a discount. If GPS monitoring is a condition of release, we will work with you to develop a payment plan. In most cases, the cost of GPS location monitoring whether court-ordered or voluntary, is paid for by the defendant. At Premiere, we will give you an upfront total cost for your bail and GPS monitoring. There are no hidden fees, no interest payments, and no additional costs.

We are committed to transparency in our transactions. Our agents come to you at no cost. We have a network of over 200 agents throughout the state so that you will never have to pay for travel costs. Our process is fast and easy. Many bonds can be completed over the phone, online or via email helping to get you out of jail sooner. If you have retained an attorney, we can work directly with your legal representative to be at court when you need it most. For over twenty years, we have been helping people get out of jail. We know the courts, and the local law enforcement and will help you navigate through this stressful time.

Reducing Flight Risk through GPS Location Monitoring

One of the reasons that judges consider GPS monitoring so effective is that it gives them an accurate location of the defendant. In cases where a defendant may be a flight risk, a judge may be unwilling to set bail or consider a bail reduction for fear that the person may leave town. GPS monitoring helps to ensure that an offender will be present at all future court appearances and that they will not skip bail.

SCRAM GPS monitoring is integrated with the Google Maps and Google Info – two of the world’s most powerful mapping tools. Law enforcement and supervising agencies can track a person’s location quickly or even track a high-risk offender in real time.

Benefits to Using GPS Monitoring

Both courts and offenders can benefit through the use of pretrial GPS monitoring. For courts location monitoring can help:

enhance community safety
reduce flight risk
relieve overcrowding in jails
ensure future appearances at court
give real-time, accurate locations of offenders

For individuals a GPS ankle monitor may:

reduce bail if made as a condition of pretrial release
help to secure bail for high-risk offenders
secure a low bail rate
show the court that you are complying with release requirements

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