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Feb 2021

Bail Stands at $1M for Man Accused of Starting Holy Fire

Noting Public Safety Concerns, Orange County Judge Declines Bail Reduction The 2018 Holy Fire burned 23,000 acres according to The Mercury News. It quickly spread across Orange County and Riverside County eventually “destroying 18 structures including a dozen cabins.” Prosecutors believe that the devastating fire was started by Forrest Clark. If convicted Clark would face a life sentence. As reported by The Mercury News, Clark...

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Jan 2012

Government Run Pre-Trial Release Programs vs. Release through Bail Bond Agencies… What the public needs to know.

The controversy over whether to release violent defendants from custody directly through the court system due to overcrowding in our state prisons, versus release by using a commercial bail bond agency is not a new topic by any means. The pros and cons of this issue have been an ongoing discussion between the Criminal Justice system and the commercial bail bond industry for years. What...

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