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Dec 2020

Orange County Required to Release Inmates Due to COVID-19

1,800 Inmates Ordered to Be Released by Local Judge   According to Fox News, 1,800 Orange County inmates were ordered to be released by a Superior Court judge amid concerns over rising coronavirus cases. Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes initially refused the release, citing that some had been locked up for violent crimes including “murder and child molestation,” as reported by Fox. In speaking to...

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Apr 2012

California prison system blocking cell phone use by inmates

Apparently, with the explosion of Smartphone technology, inmates have gotten their hands on cell phones through a variety of ways, allowing them to use these devices to “commit more crimes, organize assaults on staff members and terrorize victims.”  Plus, they have discovered that inmates set up email, Facebook and Twitter accounts to communicate with the outside world, as well as each other, internally. Now the...

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