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Mar 2020

New York Bail Reform Meets Criticism from Both Sides

The Bail Reform Debate rages on across the country. New York’s passage of a statewide act has met scrutiny from both sides of the political divide. As reported by The Washington Post, the new law took effect January 1 and almost immediately met backlash. While unlike California’s law which if successful on the November 2020 ballot would eliminate cash bail altogether, New York’s law allows...

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Dec 2019

Bail Reform Faces Backlash in Greene County

Law Enforcement Officers Question Efficacy of Recent Bail Reform Legislation Bail reform legislation set to go into effect on January 1, 2020 is meeting reservation from the citizens of Greene County.  According to a recent article by Hudson Valley 360, “County lawmakers and police officers are taking a stand against state-mandated bail reforms coming Jan 1.”  One of the main concerns presented by the Greene...

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Nov 2019

Voters Undecided About 2020 Bail Reform

29% of Voters Are Unsure of How They Will Vote on Bail Reform in 2020 According to a recent poll conducted by the UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies for the Los Angeles Times, “29% of voters are undecided” whether they would vote to cancel the new bail reform initiative or keep it in place.  The Los Angeles Times notes that California voters as a...

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May 2012

The controversy over Bail Reform and California’s Overcrowded Jail

Bail has been a part of justice systems throughout the world since Medieval Times. And, after all these years, it can be said that the bail system has been successful in assisting offenders who are granted bail for their release while they await their trials. In fact, these offenders are more likely to appear at all their court dates because they ultimately have involved their...

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May 2012

To Bail or Not to Bail – That is the Question!

The issue of bail reform has been a major topic of discussion lately by putting the bail industry under a microscope across the country. The pros and cons of the value and functionality of the private commercial bail industry have been dissected to the point that the real value and functionality of the bail process is being diminished. The bail bond business has had its...

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