New Jersey Bail Reform Repeat Offenders

Bail reform has become one of the hottest topics of 2018.  With many people questioning the inequities in the criminal justice system, some have decided that a complete overhaul of the bail system will magically fix problems that run rampant throughout the country and have little to do with the actual bail system.  New Jersey implemented bail reform on January 1, 2017 under the Bail Reform and Speedy Trial Act.  To date the act has met with harsh criticism including the Ocean County Association of Chiefs of Police calling it “dangerous, onerous and fiscally disastrous.”  Many question whether there is sustainable funding to support the act and more are concerned with the quick release of criminals who then commit more crime.


One such example is Irme Gazso.  According to Allendale Police, Gazso was arrested for allegedly shoplifting alcohol and a can of coke from a local Rite Aid.  The suspect was taken into custody, processed and released.  He was given a notice to appear in court on a future date.  Within 45 minutes of his release, Gazso allegedly went into a Wine Shop and stole a bottle of rum.  He was again placed under arrest and released.  This time the officers escorted him to his home after his release.  Unfortunately, this is not the only case where a criminal was immediately released and committed another crime.  Without a doubt there are injustices in our criminal justice system, eliminating bail simply doesn’t fix the problem.

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