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Van Nuys Bail BondsServing the Van Nuys area since 1992. Our bail agents are fast, dependable and professional. You can rely on us when you need to post bail in Van Nuys. At Premiere Bail Bonds we have professionally trained agents waiting to answer your questions. You will speak with Sean, John, Jessica, Karen Patt or Herb when you call. We guarantee you’ll get one of our knowledgeable staff on the phone immediately.

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The jail can take between 1 hour and 12 hours to book a person in. It depends on the persons cooperation, citizenship status, if they’re intoxicated, if they have warrants from other areas, etc…. There are many reason it can take so long. After a bail bond is deposited at the jail it will take about 1 hour to release the person. They will be released at the same location that you post the bond.

When you are at the jail be wary of Bondsmen that lurk around the outside of the jail offering discounts. You should be very cautious about giving people that stand outside the jail soliciting business your personal information. Do business with a company that has an excellent reputation. Do business with Premiere Bail Bonds. Here is a link to our privacy policy so you know your information is 100% protected.

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Inmates in the Van Nuys Jail will be processed over a 2-3 hour period.

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