Bail Reform Faces Backlash in Greene County

Law Enforcement Officers Question Efficacy of Recent Bail Reform Legislation

Bail reform legislation set to go into effect on January 1, 2020 is meeting reservation from the citizens of Greene County.  According to a recent article by Hudson Valley 360, “County lawmakers and police officers are taking a stand against state-mandated bail reforms coming Jan 1.”  One of the main concerns presented by the Greene County Police Officers Association in a letter urging Governor Cuomo to “hit the pause button on bail reform” is that judges will no longer have it within their discretion to set bail for certain crimes.  More defendants, under the bail reform legislation, will be released pre-trial.

The police association was not the only group voicing concerns over the new bail reform laws.  Greene County lawmakers also lent their voice to the opposition.  County officials concerned with the additional burden on resources required of the new legislation also questioned its efficacy.  Without bail, the burden would fall to the police officers and district attorneys to track defendants who fail to appear in court requiring more resources from an already burdened system.  Proponents of the bail system are hopeful that the new measures will be effective.

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Attempts at bail reform have met opposition across the country.  After attempting to pass bail reform legislation in California, opponents gathered enough signatures to take the law to the voters in a veto referendum.  Voters will now decide on the November 2020 ballot whether the law will stay in effect or go back to the drawing line.

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