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Orange County Arrest Warrant Recall

warrantIn Orange County a person with an outstanding warrant for failure to pay, comply or appear can rectify their status with the court and county where said warrant may appear. We at Premiere Bail Bonds have direct access to assisting you take care and resolve these matters that loom over you.Its as easy as calling us and collectively working together to resolve the warrant at hand.

Outlined will be what you need to provide us and what we will do to create a positive outcome.

You provide:

Date of occurrence, violation type, court location and possible balance owed. Upon doing so, call us during business hours Monday through Friday as the courts are open and have live staff to speak with. Many times we get calls such as this in the early hours of the morning. This is proof that warrants make people nervous when considering a trip for vacation, travel out of state for business or wedding or promotion at work simply because you won’t make time to handle business.

We provide:

Same day service, posting of bail at the court or jail facility and send you proof of warrant being recalled. We can sign you up online while over the phone, accept your payment and your worries are handled. You can now move ahead in life and know that issues like this will not embarrass you in the future. We enjoy seeing the wonderful smiles upon stress being lifted from you, our client.

We can be contacted at (800) 662-0056 and can take care of this matter for you today. Other counties fail to offer such a streamlined warrant recall process so if you have an issue in Orange County, take advantage of it now.

We can provide similar service in surrounding counties. Their process is different in which collectively we must appear in court and place you and your case file on calendar. This process includes showing up by 8:00 am at the given court with identification in hand and request to be heard by a judge. Obviously we are with you during this entire process but it takes full commitment from you the client.

Sometimes the court just wants to see you and find out if you are doing better financially. Other times the court will impose bail because extensive history exists between you and the court and they want to hurt you at your pocket book. In any case we can help you and both of us will go home that day. However, the time may differ for each of us truth be told.

By this we inform you that the court has ordered the sheriff to obtain your current photo and finger prints to update their system. This means you are taken into custody but will be released short after as they want to formerly book you into their system. This is one minor setback but they want to know if you have pending matters elsewhere that need to be addressed. Uncomfortable yes, necessary also yes but the courts are more lenient since the passing of proposition 47 passed on November 4th 2014. Which amongst many entries, reduced sentencing is in place to prevent jail overcrowding.

Again, the advantage is yours not just in Orange County but statewide in California.