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We treat our clients in a professional, courteous manner. All our agents are highly-trained at solving your problems. We are members on the board of the CBAA, and have obtained the highest level of education and licensing bondsman can receive.

Why should you use Premiere for California Bail Bonds?

With over 200 agents throughout California, Premiere and its affiliates provide services throughout much of the state. We can offer fast bail bonds in Santa Ana, with an office near the jail. If you need to post bail in an area not listed, please call us because it is likely that we service that area, as well. Many of the bonds we write are by phone, email or done online for your convenience. It also cuts down the time and simplifies the process when dealing with this stressful situation.

All agents are regulated by the State of California, Department of Insurance, and must charge the exact same fees. The real difference between agents is the level of customer service they provide to their clients. We will often have two or more agents assisting you, depending on the complexity of your case. Our agents won’t stop until the job is completed and done right! It’s all in our name – “Premiere” – we’re first in customer satisfaction! Call NOW, toll-free at 800.662.0056.

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We have qualified bondsmen available to help you with all your requirements throughout California. We offer bail bonds Orange County and Los Angeles bail bonds. The majority of our business comes from referrals and our long-standing relationships with criminal defense attorneys throughout the State. The attorneys we work closely with want the best for their clients, and they know they can trust Premiere in their time of need.

Santa Ana Bail Bonds by Premiere

Whether you need a DUI bond, Domestic Violence bond, any criminal or traffic-related bond, we can help. For more than 21 years, we have explored the needs of the public, inmates, the court system and custody personnel, so we can provide a more comprehensive service to everyone involved in the bail process. We are easy to work with, and most of all, make it easier for you.

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Judicial Council of California Votes to End Zero Dollar Bail

The Emergency Bail Schedule is Set to End June 20 In an effort to reduce the spread of coronavirus in jails and the surrounding community, the California Judicial Council and Chief Justice put into place a number of emergency measures. One of the most controversial measures included the implementation of an emergency statewide bail schedule which reduced bail to $0 for a number of offenses....

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