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1725 Main Street, Santa Monica, California 90401

For driving directions, go to and enter the address above.


Santa Monica Jail Map


Parking is located to the south of the courthouse, next to the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. Parking rates are $1.60 every 20 minutes, $8.00 maximum per day. On event days there is a flat rate of $8.00. Metered and coin operated parking is available in a parking lot north of the courthouse and directly in front of the courthouse on Main Street.


The main entrance to the courthouse is equipped with a ramp for wheelchair access. Wheelchair accessible restrooms are available on the first floor at the south wing of the Courthouse. The Courthouse has two elevators. The elevator at the main entrance serves all floors of the building. The 3elevator nearest the north wing serves the first and second floors.

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Vending machines are available in Room 210 on the second floor of the courthouse in the south wing and in the Probation Department lobby located on the first floor of the north wing.

Public Lounge

A public lounge is available in Room 210 on the second floor of the courthouse. Conference rooms, vending machines and a coin operated photocopier are also available.


The Santa Monica Courthouse is open Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. excluding Court Holidays


General Information

Room 232

(310) 260-3522

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Room 203

(310) 260-1829

Child Custody Evaluator

Room 225

(310) 260-3710

Civil - Limited

Room 224

(310) 587-2442

Civil - Unlimited

Room 101/102

(310) 587-2442

Conciliation Court Mediator

Room 225

(310) 260-3711


Room 116

(310) 587-2442

Domestic Violence Clinic

Room 121

(310) 260-3524

Family Law

Room 101

(310) 260-3765

FAX Filing


(310) 576-1399 FAX

Jury Clerk

Third Floor

(310) 260-3735

Law Library

Room 219

(310) 260-3644

Mental Health

North Wing

(310) 260-3573


Room 101

(310) 260-3771

Probate Attorney

Room 204

(310) 260-3731

Probation Department

North Wing

(310) 260-3525

Public Defender's Office

Room 227

(310) 260-3687

Sheriff's Department

Room 114

(310) 260-3816

Small Claims

Room 224

(310) 587-2442

Traffic - Adult

Room 116

(310) 587-2442

Traffic - Juvenile

Room 225

(310) 260-3738

For more superior court information, click here: Then click on “Santa Monica”

If you need to post bail in Santa Monica, contact Premiere Bail Bonds at 800-662-0056. We can handle the process for you.


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