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Mission Viejo Bondsman Accused of 15 Felonies

14/03/12 6:07 PM

The bail bond business is focused on getting people out of jail, but a Mission Viejo bondsman now faces 11 years in prison himself. Prosecutors are charging Kenneth Lance Hendrick, 49, with 15 felonies, saying. They say Hendrick worked with a prisoner to offer other inmates bail inside Orange County Jail, which violates state law. Hendrick is also accused of carrying methamphetamine in his sock when he was arrested Friday.

Hendrick worked for James Morris Bail Bonds. James Morris was also arrested, and faces five years of prison on similar charges. Morris turned himself in Monday, according to prosecutors.

It never ceases to amaze me that there are people who think they’ll never get caught when they break the law. As a Bail Bondsman myself, there are state Department of Insurance laws that I must abide by and would never think of challenging those laws by putting my business and reputation on the line. This is where the good vs. the bad bondsmen show their true colors.

I can only imagine what they offered the prisoner in return for promoting their name and services to other inmates. It is a very sad way to try to promote their business and will be interesting to see how these situations finally play out.

What is your opinion of this scenario?

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