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California Bail Information and Charges

Penal Code 666

When a person is arrested for violating penal code 666, it means that the person has been arrested for petty theft and that the person has a prior conviction. The crime is a misdemeanor and has a $5,000 assumptive bail associated with it. The assumptive bail is the amount of money that the courts will charge so that the defendant can be released from jail until his or her legal obligation has been completely fulfilled. The bail amount is the same for all counties across California.

In the event that a person is given the opportunity to be released from jail on bail, the defendant will most likely want to investigate the services that a bail bondsman can provide. The bail bondsmen are available to provide the defendant with the full amount of bail in exchange for a down payment from the defendant. This down payment is generally about ten percent of the total amount of the bail.

If the defendant does not have cash to pay the bail bond, the defendant may use financial assistance from friends or family. The defendant can also work out a payment plan with the bail bonding agency, which may include the use of a credit card as well. Sometimes, a defendant will rely heavily on collateral that will help to ensure that he or she fulfills the legal obligation to the courts so that the defendant can reclaim possession of the collateral.

The defendant will also put up some additional securities to the bail bonding agency, such as real estate or stocks. The agency will hold these securities until the defendant fulfills the obligation to the courts. As long as the defendant fulfills the full obligation, the bail bonding agency will release the securities to the defendant. However, if the defendant fails to appear in court, then the agency may seize possession of a portion of these securities. The agency may also use a bounty hunter to track down the defendant and return him or her to court for trial.

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